A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

Drinking coffee has become a deeply entrenched culture in Indonesia. Culture drinking coffee has been there from Sabang to Merauke. Coffee today is not just a drink of body warmers, but has become a means of socializing.
Starting from a cup of coffee the warm chats began to intertwine the exchange of information. Thus, it is not surprising that drinking a cup of coffee has become a lifestyle.

A cup of coffee can be served in various ways. However, to get the best results it takes a select coffee bean and a sophisticated and expensive machine. Thus, a good cup of coffee can only be enjoyed by certain circles only.
Starting from the idea of providing quality delicious coffee for all circles, the Kedai 27 creates a special machine capable of producing deliciously quality coffee. Our machines are capable of producing espresso-style coffee which is usually produced by expensive coffee makers and requires large electrical power.

A place to coffee, a place to hangout

How it all came to be…

In accordance with the tagline of Kedai 27, which is “Nikmat Kopi Sebenarnya !”, We hope all groups can enjoy quality coffee at an affordable price.

Why choose espresso style coffee? Because espresso is the basis of various serving of coffee drinks.
So Kedai 27 can serve quality coffee drinks and all community groups can taste “Nikmat Kopi Sebenarnya !”

At Kedai 27 we serve coffee drinks served with a variety of quality alloy materials at affordable prices. Our coffee beverage dish consists of two types, namely hot and cold. In addition we also serve drinks that do not contain coffee, so it can be enjoyed by all groups. Kedai 27 also provides a variety of snacks with special flavors and extra convenience for the customers of Kedai 27, which is why we provide a convenient place and various supporting facilities such as WiFi and Cable TV with various channels.

Nikmat Kopi Sebenarnya !

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